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Three eggs

Above are three of the egg types we use; (L to R) French Copper Maran, Wyandotte, Araucana.


Rhode Sussex egg

We also use Light Sussex / Rhode Island Red cross eggs (cream to light brown).


Araucana chick

The blue egg from the Araucana gives these stripy chicks (the one on his back is about a minute old and has yet to stand up).


Araucana adult chickens

The Araucanas will then grow into these adults.



The large Maran brown egg gives a large darkly coloured chick.



A female adult Maran.



A male adult Maran.



The small white Wyandotte egg gives this chick.



A Wyandotte female adult.


Rhode Sussex chicks

The Rhode Island / Light Sussex cross chicks. Ginger ones are girls and the fair ones are boys.

11 weeks old cross

One of the Rhode Island / Light Sussex cross chicks at 11 weeks old.


Rhode Sussex adults

Adult Rhode Island red male and Light Sussex females.


Here are some photos of the hatching process:

Hatching day (in the incubator). We have quickly taken the clear lid off just to take the photos. The chicks live in the incubator until they have completely dried out (about 24 hours).

Cracked egg




Day old chicks in the brooder:

In the brooder

Child with brooder

Useful Links and products

An excellent book: Chicken and egg

Colouring in sheet (chicken)

Coloured by Sam